Hey there!
We are Jittery Dog Coffee Roasters!

Our roastery is run by us (a local Arizonian family)! We want two things to come across with this company: we love a good cup of joe and we love our furry family members. The coffee that gets delivered to your door is the same coffee we sat and drank together in our family kitchen. Whether you are a coffee connoisseur or a person that just loves coffee no matter the way it comes to you, we wanted you to enjoy a delicious, beautiful, perfect cup of coffee with us :)

Green Beans
Jittery Dog Bags

How do the dogs come into play?

First off, we really love our dogs. We wanted to involve not only our four-legged family members, but our customers' dogs in the coffee experience anyway we could. We're planning on partnering with local shelters and other dog businesses within the Arizona community to represent and support dogs. Please don't hesitate to send us pictures of your dogs! Seriously, send them.


These are our boys. (Toast, Jelly, Obi-Wan & Rocky)